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Sheet Metal Forming

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      Metal Stamping, Metal Spinning, Deep Draw, Small To Medium Runs, Metal Fabricating, Sheet Metal Forming, Tool And Die Making, Custom Parts, Deep Draw Metal Stamping
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    Spot Welding, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Sheet Metal Spinning, Sheet Metal Fabricators, Sheet Metal Stamping, Metal Forming Stamping, Stainless Steel Fabricator

>> Quality Control You Can Depend On
      Williamsburg Metal prides itself on its quality.
      That's why we make sure that from material
      sourcing and selection to shipping, every 
      operational step along the way in a metal
      stamping and metal spinning project is 
      inspected and passed or approved to ensure 
      the highest quality product created at the most 
      efficient level of manufacturing and service.

      As the Quality Control process is managed,
      each and every operation and/or change is
      properly documented and saved for future
      reference.  Repeat metal stamping and
      metal spinning jobs are handled much
      easier because of this and a level of metal
      stamping and metal spinning consistency
      in repeat jobs is achieved that surpasses
      our customers' expectations.

      Our Inspection Shop Utilizes:
      > Mitutoyo Digital Micrometers
      > Height Gages & Verniers
      > Starrett Gage Blocks
      > Granite Surface Plate
      > Micrometers to 12"
      > Vernier Calipers to 18"
      > Inside Micrometers to 12"
      Our Sheet Metal Forming Capabilities
      > 4 Foot Cylinder Roller
      > Micrometer Backed Finger Brakes
      > Capacity to 26" diameter blank
      > Diacro Benders
      > Press Brakes
      > Spot Welding
      > Bead Rolling & Emboss Rolling
      > Hydraulic Shear

      Engineering & Design
      > Develop sheet metal forming functional specifications 
      > Sheet metal forming application and process design and 
         setup to ensure best production of parts and components
      > Design consulting and engineering for best product/part 

      > 2 Shearing Machines
      > Circular shearing to 48" diameter
      > 1/8" thickness capacity

      > Piercing of holes of any shape in the flat or sidewall of any 
         formed part.

      > A well-defined cold forming of an imprint on a formed part 
         (name, part #, logo, etc.)

      > Similar to blanking of metal stamping but punched out slug 
         is waste and surrounding metal is work piece.

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