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      Williamsburg Metal takes pride in its stock of metal
      stamping, metal spinning, metal forming, tool and die
      making, and inspection shop equipment and facilities
      that are the best in the business.

      Metal Stamping Equipment
      > Deep draw toggle presses to 200 tons capable of
         drawing a 14-1/2" diameter with a depth of 7-1/2".
      > Over 25 power presses to 60 tons from 2" - 8"
         stroke, most with air clutch and air cushion.
      > Dayton Rodgers shell trimmer.

      Metal Spinning Equipment
      > Metal spinning lathes to 26" swings.
      > Utility lathes for secondaries (trimming, beading
         and rolling) all with rockers.
      > Circular shears to 60" diameter.

      Sheet Metal Forming Equipment
      > 4 foot cylinder roller
      > Micrometer backed finger brakes
      > Diacro benders
      > Press brakes
      > Spot welding
      > Bead rolling and emboss rolling
      > Hydraulic shear

      Tool & Die Shop
      > Three lathes to 28" swing
      > Bridgeport milling machines
      > Horizontal & vertical bandsaws
      > Drilling & tapping presses
      > Surface grinders
      > EDM capabilities

      Inspection Shop
      > Utilizing Mitutoyo digital micrometers, height gages 
         and verniers.
      > Starrett gage blocks
      > Granite surface plate
      > Micrometers to 12"
      > Vernier calipers to 18"
      > Inside micrometers to 12"
Deep Draw, Small To Medium Runs, Metal Fabricating, Sheet Metal Forming, Tool And Die Making, Custom Parts, Deep Draw Metal Stamping, Spot Welding, Sheet Metal Fabrication

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