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About Williamsburg Metal

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>> Experience, Service, and Family Tradition
      Williamsburg Metal's 75 years of metal stamping, 
      metal spinning, and custom metal fabrication experience 
      translate into supplying you with the finest quality metal
      parts and products in the marketplace.  We are proud to
      continue our family tradition of providing you with the 
      finest products at the best prices.

      Contact Williamsburg Metal today, with your questions and 
      comments, or request a quote with our handy email form.

      As a proud member of the New York Metropolitan business
      community, and a supporter of US manufacturers like
      ourselves, the following associations have helped us 
      to help others through the years who strive to keep 
      their businesses operating at the highest level of quality
      and service.


Custom Metal Fabrication, Custom Metal Spinning, Custom Metal Stamping, Deep Draw Stamping, Eep Draw Forming, Deep Draw Metal Stamping, Sheet Metal Fabricating
A Personal Touch
Tom DeSanti (left) and Anthony Angotti
understand that their personal service, 
experience, and commitment to 
excellence enable them to provide you
with the quality metal parts and products
you need, on time and on budget

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