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A Leader In Metal Stamping & Spinning Fo Over 75 Years

Metal Stamping, Metal Spinning, Deep Draw, Small To Medium Runs, Metal Fabricating, Sheet Metal Forming, Tool And Die Making, Custom Parts, Deep Draw Metal Stamping,

>> Metal Stamping
      Williamsburg Metal provides quality metal 
      stamping for all metals.
      Deep draw metal stamping is our specialty. 
      Metal stamping for various applications and 
      industries including lamp and lighting, military, 
      giftware, medical and scientific, HVAC, food 
      service, electronic and electrical and more 
      plus custom metal stamping.
      > Stamping diameters to 14-1/2"
      > Stamping depths to 7"
      > Blanking to 1/16"
      > Deep draw metal stamping presses to 200 
      > Full metal stamping tool and die shop
      > Full inspection shop

Spot Welding, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Sheet Metal Spinning, Sheet Metal Fabricators, Sheet Metal Stamping, Metal Forming Stamping, Stainless Steel Fabricator

>> Metal Spinning
      Metal spinning of brass, steel, 
      aluminum, (need more here!).
      > Spinning thicknesses to 1/16"
      > Diameters to 18"
      > Full in-house chuck making
      > Capacity to 26" diameter blank
      > Hand & lever metal spinning
      > Lighting components and more!

>> Custom Metal Fabrication
      Williamsburg Metal also
      provides secondary metal 
      fabrication services including 
      metal shearing, bending, 
      trimming, slotting, notching, 
      drilling, tapping, spot welding, 
      thread rolling, and much more.

Custom Metal Fabrication, Custom Metal Spinning, Custom Metal Stamping, Deep Draw Stamping, Eep Draw Forming, Deep Draw Metal Stamping, Sheet Metal Fabricating

>> Sheet Metal Forming
      Sheet metal forming services 
      with full in house toolroom.
      > Deep draw tool and die making 
      > Progressive tool and die making 
      > Metal stamping dies 
      > Custom jigs for faster production 
      > Access to EDM services

>> Equipment & Quality
      Our metal stamping equipment
      and facilities are state of the 
      art and the most efficient
      in the industry.  Check out
      our stamping, spinning, tool
      and die, inspection, and metal
      fabrication and forming equipment.
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